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DRC SRA i Hoisdorf 21. juli 2019

Dommer: Ralph Dunne, Irland


Zippo very good, 4. vinder i åben klasse


Bedømmelsen lød:

A very large heavy dog with a good bite, would like to see a better shoulder angulation, has good top line, good rear angulations, very unsteady on the move.

DRC SRA i Hoisdorf 20. juli 2019

Dommer: Mary Murray, Irland


Zippo very good, 3. vinder i åben klasse

Bedømmelsen lød:


4 year old male, upper end af the standard, presents fit athletic outline, nice male head, good lenght of muzzle, strong neck, would like a cleaner throat, well laid bcak shoulder, correct depth of chest to elbow, good tail set, strong ottertail, today is a bit soft in texture, slightly long in loin.


DRK Vinterskue i Aarhus 5. januar 2019

Dommer: Gerda Groeneweg, Holland


Zippo excellent, 2. vinder i certifikat klasse, BHK2


Bedømmelsen lød:

Naughty boy. Very good type, Masculine head. Good expression, well-placed ears. Good neck and shoulder, a bit straight in upperarm. Level topline. Barrel ribs. Well angulated rear. Good bone and feet. Nice coat and ottertail. Moves ok.